Need prevention

I always thought prevention was better than cure.

So why are the local police seeking to spend yet more of their valuable time addressing the problems of alcohol abuse when prevention is not being addressed?

Some consider an opportunity was missed when central government dropped plans for the minimum pricing of alcohol.

However, there are measures that could be taken locally to mitigate the problems.

Residents and businesses might consider giving greater attention to the proliferation of off-sale facilities or placing tighter control on the sales, in their neighbourhood.

The vast majority of alcohol consumed is purchased through off sales and it is then consumed without any supervision. Whereas alcohol purchased and consumed in a pub is always supervised.

A strong Licensing Policy and firm approach would support the local community.

Alcohol abuse with all the attendant problems is costing us all more and more each year so why should we be pleased that the police are spending more time on this problem.

More time should be spent looking for the source and reasons for the problem.

The police service is a finite resource. If more police hours are spent in one direction, I am sure something will suffer elsewhere.

Next time you pick up the phone and seek a police response only to be told, ‘I’m sorry a unit is not immediately available’, ask yourself if they are looking after the local drunks.

When did you last see an officer on the beat or come to that a police car on patrol rather than racing to an incident.

So, are residents really pleased that the police are spending more time dealing with alcohol driven anti-social behaviour or should we be seeking to deal with the source of the problem. Is prevention always better than cure?

Councillor Roger Oakley

Selden Ward

Goring Road