Parking advice for Pond Lane

In response to Ms Pharaoh’s letter about parking in Pond Lane, as a resident, I would like to put my views.

We have watched with interest the appreciation of the children using the new play equipment in the recreation ground, and are very happy to see how well all the facilities are being enjoyed.

However, Pond Lane is extremely busy at most times during the day, with a sucessful commercial garage, Sea Scouts, playgroups, dog walkers and schoolchildren all using the lane, which only has pavement on a short stretch of road nearest the junction.

There are also at least 18 homes with all the attendant traffic that brings.

When people park on the pavement by the playground, there are times when no space is left to pass and pedestrians have to walk in the road, often with buggies and children in tow. It is possible to park in the car park by the pavilion and also in the lay-by in Durrington Lane, and only needs some consideration by everyone to enjoy the playground but to keep everyone safe as well.

Sara Lee

Pond Lane