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Your letters

While visiting Brooklands Pleasure Park on Thursday, November 20, I was quite fascinated to see a blue and gold macaw parrot at the helm of a model radio-controlled speedboat.

Thinking I was going mad, I soon discovered a young man on the bank controlling this rather sleek-looking boat by means of a handset.

I couldn’t leave without speaking to him about this rather odd spectacle and, as he explained everything, all became clear.

It turns out his parrot, Gary, has been entered into a competition, which will be held in Birmingham at the beginning of December, whereby other parrots will be judged and awarded points for carrying out certain activities, puzzles and tests.

The winning bird receives an award and various parrot treats. The owner also wins a cash price, although this young man wasn’t sure how much that would be.

I wish him and Gary all the best with the competition and hope it leads them both on to bigger and better things.

Perhaps Worthing should look at staging such an event, not necessarily for parrots but for all types of pets?

Peter Brooks Ford

Barfield Park


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