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It is an offence to cycle on the pavement if you are over 16 and PCSOs can give a fine of £30.

As there are almost no PCSOs visible fines are unlikely. Cannot remember when I last saw one.

Most mobility scooters have a top speed of 4mph and they stop the instant you let go of the bar/handle. It would seem some users do not let go although I have never had any problem.

My problem is cars parking on the pavement. They are often covering 50 per cent of the walkway and the mirrors are almost never turned in to the vehicle. No-one seems to be bothered by this and nobody is prepared to take action.

Then there are the motorists who not only park on the pavement but across a corner. This means the dropped curb where installed, cannot be used and visibility is reduced to a dangerous level.

Surely we need more parking wardens with the power to take action- these could be part-time posts for people with physical or mental difficulties-or pensioners who would like to keep working.

Sue Humphreys

Meadow Road,


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