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So here we go again, years of uncertainty and blight for the north of Worthing. Yes, I refer to the A27.

Clearly there is a congestion issue but this is mainly at commuter time, after 7pm traffic flows smoothly and by 9pm drops to a trickle. I know, I live along the road.

The previous studies (seven since the 60’s) and the public inquiry of 1996-7 found the road carried little long distance traffic as the name ‘A27 Folkestone – Honiton trunk Road’ would suggest, but was less glamorously used for commuting trips of 10 miles or less.

So is the taxpayer going to fork out billions, in the case of a downland route, in the hope of improving commuters’ journeys, or is common sense going to prevail again?

My suggestion, for what it’s worth, is that with commuter traffic the main problem, is to use a fraction of those billions to improve and make public transport cheaper.

John Hughes

Welland Road,


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