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Duncan Barkes’ latest anti-20 mph column accuses the 20’s Plenty campaign of dishonesty, yet the campaign has always emphasised it is about more than just road safety.

Yes, slower speeds would make our streets safer, making it easier for drivers to avoid a collision and reducing the severity of injuries if one does occur. But 20’s Plenty is also about making the residential streets of our lovely town more pleasant places to be for children, older people, cyclists and everyone.

It is about sharing our streets fairly rather than having them dominated by the selfish minority of drivers who seem to think no-one minds if they roar down the streets where we live at speeds which are likely to kill or seriously injure children, pedestrians and cyclists.

Since starting the 20’s Plenty campaign, we have had countless people getting in touch to express their frustration about the speeds of drivers on their street. All they are asking is that people drive a little slower on residential streets. 20’s Plenty is not an anti-car campaign - most supporters are car drivers. Rather it is a pro-people campaign with a vision for a fairer, safer, more pleasant town. If that sounds like something you would support, then look out for the letter coming through your door soon and vote ‘YES’ to 20 mph in the consultation.

Duncan Kay

Boundary Road


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