So much for the law

ADUR District Council gives the impression that they own Mash Barn Lane, Lancing. Not so.

This lane evolved many centuries ago to access the surrounding farmland. It was owned by nobody and used by anybody.

The council do own the so-described “scrubland” (farmland) which was given to them by the property development company Wheelwright as part of the deal allowing Wheelwright to develop the rest of the land – ex-New Monks Farm – as a golf course.

This golf course has never been constructed, and never will be. It will be interesting to “watch this space”.

The decision to sell the “scrubland” to Brighton and Hove Albion football club was made behind closed doors; Adur Council and their fellow travellers from East Sussex sorting out the arrangements between them.

No notice was given to the residents of Barfield Park or Daniel Close who are most affected. One morning, machinery appeared in Mash Barn Lane clearing the ground and cutting back the trees [pictured right].

Concrete boundary posts, installed by the builder of Barfield Park estate, were bulldozed into oblivion, and, in some cases, damage done to residents’ gardens.

So much for land registration. So much for the law and so much for democracy.

The “little people” caught up in this shambles have been crushed like insects, their common and statutory rights brushed aside as though of no consequence.

E. Eyles

Barfield Park