Some advice...

MUCH is being said about the proper teaching and learning of English grammar, and spelling, while there are adverse influences at work which counteract this desirable aim.

One such adverse trend seems to be based on American spelling, largely used in computer documentation, and there is one word which really grates on me – this is the word “advisor” (with an “0”). It is used by staff at British Gas, BT, and even in our own West Sussex County Council “Connections” magazine (see page 7 of last month’s edition about Prevention Assessment Teams, which include NHS health advisors) the proof readers accept the incorrect spelling.

I remember that “advice” is given by “advisers” (with an “e”), and these advisers act in an “advisory” capacity.

I’m not normally pedantic, but English is English, and that’s the way I prefer it.

E. Harvey

Shirley Road