Touch of arrogance

I FIND the letter from Mr Silburn of Horsham, who describes our council’s decision not to extend the promenade shared cycle/pedestrian scheme to the Sea Lane Café, Goring as a no-brainer, quite arrogant.

If he cares to read council leader Paul Yallop’s letter in last week’s edition, he will realise that Worthing council, like all other councils in the UK, does not have a bottomless pit in the coffers,

The present promenade “path” which stretches from George V Avenue to Sea Lane Café, is barely wide enough to walk two abreast, so to widen it sufficiently to accommodate cycling along with pedestrians would no doubt cost a vast amount of money hundreds of thousands of pounds or even one million plus.

Worthing council have bent over backwards to appease cyclists who have continuously whinged that the roads are too dangerous for modern day cycling, so have allowed them the privilege and that’s what it is “not a right” to share a very large section of the Worthing prom with pedestrians which include families with young children the elderly of which there are many, dog walkers plus mobility scooter and wheelchair users, providing they ride at a leisurely pace, which as far as I have seen the majority of them do.

However, Mr Silburn has it in his head that a cycle extention to the Sea Lane café will enable him to ride into Worthing and I quote “Fast and Safe” that’s what I consider a no-brainer.

S Mayle

Alinora Crescent