Unfair solution

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Is the leader of Worthing Council in favour of evading the law?

This is certainly the impression given by last week’s front-page story.

You reported that Paul Yallop has made an appeal for the number of parking wardens to be halved.

This, apparently, being his favoured strategy for reducing the revenue produced by parking fees.

I could understand it if Mr Yallop had lobbied for a reduction in parking charges.

This would be a perfectly legitimate and logical way of dealing with the matter.

However, reducing warden activity to achieve the aim could only be effective if it led to more drivers getting away with a failure to pay.

Parking charges may well be too high, hardly the fault of the wardens, so why should they lose their jobs?

The much-unloved warden acts as a deterrent to lazy and/or selfish car owners who leave vehicles in places which inconvenience or create danger for other citizens.

They also ensure that drivers pay a penalty for being a cheat.

I understand that local law governs parking fees and in this case wardens play an important role in policing such laws.

It follows, therefore, that our council leader appears happy to facilitate law breaking.

Hardly a principled position for someone who represents the so-called party of “law and order”?

Times are tough, and the town like many others is suffering economically.

Getting rid of parking wardens is a pathetically small-minded and negative way to deal with an issue which needs far more adventurous strategies.

We need positive and inspirational leadership in Worthing. Sacking folk for doing an effective job hardly fits the bill.

Bill Geddes

Lansdowne Road