Upsetting find

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l was very upset to read about the grim find of the dead cats and dogs in Sompting (Herald, March 7),

Why on earth did this person or people involved not give these poor animals to a rescue centre.

You used to hear about this sort of thing happening in Victorian times.

There are so many animal charities they could have taken the puppies and kittens in.

You do not deserve to have anything to do with animals.

l do not know how you could sleep at night.

PS, I love the new-look paper.

Would be nice to have maybe for a month a feature on Worthing Museum?

They must have so much wonderful items hidden, that we as the public never get to see.

Plus my father, who if he had lived today would have been 91, always used to tell of a story of two young boys going missing up at Highdown Hill.

l wonder if you have anything in your archive about this?

I just love history, especially of the town, and this would make interesting reading.

Susie O’Neill

Broadwater Road