Littlehampton author launches twisted romantic crime thriller series

58 Farm End offers book one in a twisted romantic crime thriller series set in Findon and Ireland.

Monday, 18th January 2021, 8:00 am
Natasha Murray
Natasha Murray

After Ivy Brown is found dead in a silent pool at Farm End, Julia Bridgewater and Seth Hearn, from two rival farming families, declare their love for each other.

Their passionate affair does not go unnoticed.

As their bond grows stronger, dark and twisted secrets are unearthed and cause chaos.

Somebody is watching Julia and is becoming impatient.

Author Natasha Murray, aged 56, said: “Julia and her brother Peter are finding their new life at Farm End challenging. Their dairy farm in Findon is not doing well. Their dad, who is struggling with depression, wants to sell the farm and move on. One night, Julia meets the enigmatic Seth Hearn, from the neighbouring Crow Farm and she is instantly drawn to him. How does he know so much about her? Are Julia and Seth star-crossed lovers? Will they be able to deal with those that mean to harm them? The question is: Who killed Ivy Brown?

Natasha has self-published the book which is available on Amazon on Kindle at £2.99 and as a paperback at £8.99.

“Not far from where I live in Littlehampton, there is a stretch of road called Long Furlong that runs through Clapham to Findon. This is going to sound bizarre but as I travel along this road, it is almost as if I am leaving my home and entering into a new world. On either side of the road there are farms. One of these farms is a dairy farm with Friesian cows chomping on the green grass. The West Sussex countryside is beautiful here and there is a particular hill that draws my attention.

“In my book, Seth takes Julia up this hill to survey his father’s farm (Crow Farm). This is where I imagine Farm End and Crow farm to be located. One night – well, early morning actually – I had a dream and saw Julia in moonlight walking along a track to her farm (Farm End) and to her horror, she found Jake and Ivy, her old school friends riding her ancient pony Barney.

“Seth, from Crow Farm, a dark and handsome stranger came to her aid and managed to get the drunken pair off off Barney. This is Julia and Seth’s first meeting.

“This dream was so real that the second chapter was written almost word for word from my dream. As soon as I woke up, I knew that I could write a great book. The rest of the story quickly unfolded and I found myself writing a chapter a day. 58 Farm End was completed in nine weeks. I enjoy writing and it is both a pleasure and a compulsion. There is nothing better in life than creating parallel universes.”

58 Farm End is the first book in the Waterfall Way Trilogy.

“I have written the second book, Julia’s Baby and this will be published in March. I am currently writing the third book Waterfall Way.”

58 Farm End is Natasha’s tenth book: “I have always loved writing stories but I first decided to write a book in 2003. My son Luke was ten at the time and was struggling to find a book that he liked. He wanted to read something that could actually happen and so I decided to write a futuristic story for him.

“I published 3004 in 2011 and my son actually read it when he was 18! He said he liked it but preferred to read autobiographies and non-fiction books! Online 3004 is permanently free and it has been downloaded thousands of times.”