The Little Unsaid head to Shoreham on back of compilation album

The Little Unsaid take in Shoreham's Ropetackle on November 28 on their Selected Works Tour 2018, following a compilation release earlier this year on Reveal Records.

Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 6:21 am
The Little Unsaid
The Little Unsaid

Fronted by songwriter John Elliott, they are a band with an original sound and an international outlook.

John said: “The current line-up has been going for three years now. I started the band myself as a solo project for about three years and then I started to get other musicians on board. I was touring solo quite a bit but recording albums that had lots of layers that I would build up.

“And then I didn’t want people to think that it was just one lonely guy in a studio! I thought it would be great to bring in other people and so play the slightly larger venues, and it has worked really well.

“The line-up has fluctuated a bit, but in the past two and a half years so the current line-up has stayed the same. They are great people that bring the songs to life in a great new way. There are four of us in the band.

“We are based all over but mainly in and around London. I have been here a few years. I was born and raised in West Yorkshire, and I came down to London after university. I was at uni in Manchester and I came down pretty much after that to try to make something of myself.

“I was working at a school for the first few years. I was not a proper teacher. I was teaching children how to make films and animations and all the technology stuff. It was primary school children, and that was great because I then went out touring during the holidays.

“And then I took the plunge to go into it full time three years ago. Like a lot of things in any creative profession, it is never going to be easy, but you have just got to keep at it, and I have just about managed to keep myself afloat. It just becomes a way of life after a while.”

John has just finished recording a new album which he expects to be out in the middle of next year: “But we have just done a compilation on Reveal Records. It was good, a good way of introducing the band to new audiences, and I think we are seeing them. Myself and the other members of the band have all been fans of Reveal for a while, and we have certainly noticed new people picking us up. It is not exactly a stratospheric success, but people are just dipping in.

“I am the writer, and really I would just say that the music is song-writing. It dips into quite a lot of different genres, bits of folk and electronica and jazz and alt rock, but really it is about the songs. That’s why we fit into the alternative folk bracket. I am the writer and I write about all different stuff, a mixture of personal experience. I tended to steer towards the darker areas of people’s experience, but hopefully I am now doing that in a more hopeful way. I used to write stuff that was splashing around in the darkest bits of human existence, but now it is about hope, now there are shards of joy and celebration in life.”