Mirror twins Classical Reflection join hospice fundraiser in Worthing

If you know them well, you will certainly be able to tell them apart. But a glance is also enough. Classical Reflection are identical twins Naomi and Hannah Moxon, but they are mirror twins

Tuesday, 9th April 2019, 9:29 am
Classical Reflection
Classical Reflection


As Hannah explains: “You can tell who is who when we are holding the mic on stage. Naomi is left-handed and I am right-handed.”

You can see for yourself when they return to Worthing, a gig they are particularly looking forward to, as they join a line-up also featuring Aled Jones, Faryl Smith (Britain’s Got Talent finalist) and Concentus on Saturday, April 13. The venue will be Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre, with all profits going to Chestnut Tree House.

“I believe this is the third time we have played there,” Hannah says. “It is so lovely to be able to hear other singers and performers, and we have sung with Aled before and also with Faryl.”

The sisters first came to public attention when they appeared on The Voice in 2015: “After The Voice we just carried on really working as hard as we could, trying to do as much as we can. We released our second album in 2017, and it went into the charts which was really cool.

“I think the whole TV thing gave us a really lovely experience of the TV world and how it all works. It was really interesting to see how a show is put together. It also gave us a huge experience to sing in front of all the coaches and it gave us a really good platform to move forward with what we wanted to do.

“We have been singing together since we were 16. We just applied to The Voice, really not expecting anything to come back.”

As for being twins, Hannah says it’s just not something they notice: “Sometimes we even forget, but yes, we do look the same. We are completely identical, but mirror twins. Everything is on the opposite side. It’s quite cool.”

When they lost their baby teeth, they fell out in the same pattern, but on the other side.

As Naomi says: “We definitely feel close. We have spoken to other twins, and you really do feel close. We have similar tastes and likes and dislikes. We also have similar thoughts about things… but I think when people know us better, they can tell us apart more easily.

“But yes, our tastes are similar, but I suppose that is partly growing up together. But when we perform, it is certainly very helpful. We really do feel in synch. We can just look at each other and know what the other is thinking. Sometimes it could be really quite tricky to harmonise with somebody if you don’t know them.”

Joining them in Worthing is Faryl Smith who reached the final of Britain’s Got Talent in 2008 aged just 12 years. Since then she has released three successful albums, duetted with Jose Carreras and Russell Watson, sang at various cup finals and performed on a number of occasions for the Royal Family. She is currently studying at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Also on the bill is Concentus, a popular and talented 70-strong choir from Eastbourne who have performed in many charity concerts and performed before an England rugby match at Twickenham.

Chestnut Tree House is a children’s charity providing hospice care services and community support throughout East and West Sussex, Brighton and Hove and South East Hampshire. It has annual operating costs of £3 million of which only 2.5 per cent is publicly funded.

Tickets from Worthing Theatres.