One-way ticket to Mars is won in Brighton-born film-maker's debut feature

An award-winning Brighton-born film-maker is aiming to reach a global audience with his debut film.

Thursday, 8th November 2018, 7:39 am
Seat 25: Faye (Madeleine Cooke) eats lunch
Seat 25: Faye (Madeleine Cooke) eats lunch

Nicholas Agnew’s debut feature film Seat 25 has been released following a string of awards at international film festivals and screenings at the world’s largest Mars conventions in the US.

Seat 25 tells the story of a woman who wins a one-way ticket on the first crewed mission to Mars. It was shot in Brighton and the surrounding area.

Shot on a micro-budget, Seat 25 stood out against stiff competition at prestigious film festivals in the UK and US and to date has been awarded 5 Best Feature awards, 2 awards for Best Actor and an award for Outstanding Cinematography.

In addition, Seat 25 has been embraced by the science community and has been presented to representatives from NASA, the European Space Agency, Space X and Boeing at the Humans to Mars Summit in Washington DC and the Mars Society Convention.

Nicholas co-wrote, directed and produced Seat 25, setting up his own production company in order to get the film made. He teamed up with local company Red Kite Films, shooting Seat 25 with a core crew of just 4 people throughout Brighton and Sussex. A year later, Seat 25 is being released internationally on Amazon and iTunes and on DVD and Blu Ray.

“We’ve been on an amazing journey,” he says. “We never expected the reception we’ve had. I’m incredibly proud of the team and I’m thrilled that Seat 25 is going to be able to reach so many people!”

Nicholas is already working on his next film, Remembering the Future, which is scheduled to shoot throughout April next year.

“We’ll be coming back to Sussex to film Remembering the Future,” he says. “Brighton and the surrounding area have some of the most iconic locations in the world. We’re incredibly lucky to have them on our doorstep!”