A real Worthing kitchen experience for the cast of Caroline's Kitchen

Ahead of their performance at Worthing’s Connaught Theatre, the cast of Torben Betts’s biting comedy theatre show Caroline’s Kitchen paid a visit to local vegan diner Cactus Kitchen Gals to sample some of the local cuisine.

Thursday, 4th April 2019, 12:05 am
Kitchen visit
Kitchen visit

Worthing Theatres spokesman Stephen Sheldrake said: "Things were really heating up in the kitchen, as the cast members were invited to flip one of the diner’s famous soya patties that were being prepared for their meals, which included the diner’s signature dish of a Bacun Double Cheez Burger as well as a BLT made with tofu bacon and burger sauce, both served with skin-on-fries.

"It seems that the drama was being saved for the play as actress Jasmyn Banks, best known for playing Alice Branning in Eastenders, and actor Tom England, expertly flipped both of their patties."

Sophie Cohen, Manager of Cactus Kitchen Gals, said “It was really fun to have a TV star in the diner, as their show is all about cooking we thought it’d be great fun to get them involved in the kitchen to see if they could pull it off, their acting skills have clearly paid off – I think we have two professional chefs in the making if they fancy a career change!”

Jasmyn Banks, Caroline’s Kitchen actress said “It was so kind of the diner to invite us for a meal in between our busy schedule, the food was absolutely delicious and I would highly recommend it, we’ll be looking to pay another visit before our tour moves on!”

Stephen added: "Caroline’s Kitchen features an all-star cast including Caroline Langrishe (Judge John Deed), Aden Gillet (House of Elliot), Jasmyn Banks (Eastenders), and James Sutton (Hollyoaks) and plays at Worthing’s Connaught Theatre from Wednesday 3rd - Saturday 6th April 2019.

"Caroline Mortimer, the nation’s favourite TV cook, has it all: a sparkling career, a big house in fashionable North London, a (golf) loving husband, smart kids and the best kitchen money can buy. But beneath the immaculate furnishings and studio lighting and away from the glare of the ever-present cameras, Caroline must face the looming collision of living a private life in the public eye. What happens when the cameras turn off and the truth comes out?

Betts’s dark domestic comedy examines how people in the public eye battle with the responsibility and demands of real life and, in true Betts style, it explores the dynamics of age, class, politics and marriage.

To find out more and to purchase tickets for Caroline’s Kitchen visit http://worthingtheatres.co.uk.