REVIEW: Holiday on Ice Believe at the Brighton Centre

I've seen Holiday on Ice quite a few times in the many years it has been coming to the Brighton Centre.

Thursday, 5th January 2017, 10:33 am
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 1:00 pm
Holiday on Ice 2017: Believe

But if I thought I had seen it all before, I was completely wrong.

The touring ice company’s latest show Believe began its five-day run at the venue yesterday, and it was breathtaking.

As always, it featured a cast of world-class professional skaters, and this year was choreographed by Olympic champion Christopher Dean.

Believe tells the modern day story of the traditional Shakespeare classic Romeo and Juliet, about desire, jealously and true love.

It features two worlds - the Under World, where life is hard and is ruled by an unsympathetic boss, and the Upper World, where everything is easy, so long as you tow the line.

Antonio is from the Under World, but he can’t stop thinking about Clarissa, from the Upper World, and the story follows their journey to get together, against all odds.

The two lead characters, played by Andrew Buchanan and Robin Johnstone, had a really natural partnership and great chemistry - but that’s probably because they’re married in real life!

Their skating was flawless, and really seemed to captivate the audience, particularly when they used the silks to do some aerial stunts.

The crowd was also wowed by a section where the skaters danced in the dark, with only the lights from their costumes to guide them. The interactive lights changed with the music, and while this wasn’t the most complicated choreography in the show, it made for a stunning spectacle.

This year’s offering also featured a pole dancer, whose unbelievable strength and artistry was highlighted in a beautiful segment where she had water raining down around her.

Also of particular note was the amazing partnership between Julius (Evgenii Belianin) and Julia (Daria Perminova). They made moves that should have been impossible seem so easy. And it was at such high speeds. My jaw was definitely dropped.

But as well as the new stuff, there was plenty to delight those who love the more traditional ice show moves. A particular favourite of mine is when the supporting cast skate round in circles in a long line, and it didn’t disappoint.

With a clever stage, striking costumes and catchy tunes adding to the overall package, Believe is one not to be missed.

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