REVIEW: Ross Noble at Brighton Dome

Ross Noble provided a night of good but not flawless entertainment at the Brighton Dome.

Thursday, 15th December 2016, 9:23 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 5:42 am
Ross Noble
Ross Noble

The show was funny and quirky without it ever being clear why it was funny.

Keeping up with Ross Noble’s tangents and wonderfully unfocused mind is funny but therein lies the problem.

The lack of structure will leave you in admiration and laughing a lot but also longing for something to follow.

The first half meandered too much but it was still a solid opening to the show.

Noble always extracts the most from any idea and stringing so many threads of thought together is genius when done so spontaneously.

The downside is by bouncing off ideas from the audience the jokes become lots of smaller laughs and occasionally overstay their welcome.

Keeping up with how swiftly the line of humour can change is difficult, especially in the knowledge that losing track will make the next few minutes difficult to understand.

The second half showed more structure to it which is where the show really excelled.

When he reigns in his tendency to rely only upon the audience to provide an idea and mixes in more scripted elements it becomes delightfully funny.

The second half had enough structure at times to keep it funny but not enough to make it feel like a routine being repeated across the country.

Noble ended the show in an abrupt and very anti climatic fashion which was a disappointing end to a nice evening.

It was good, but I couldn’t recommend it to everyone.