Worthing: Luminosa promises a circus extravaganza that will blow your mind.

Playing Worthing’s Pavilion Theatre on Saturday and Sunday, October 2 and 3, it invites you to open your eyes and let the light flood in for a brand-new circus cabaret for the 21st century.

Thursday, 30th September 2021, 7:05 am

The show comes from Jacksons Lane and Lost in Translation, directed by Adrian Berry (artistic director of Jacksons Lane) and Massimiliano Rossetti (artistic director of Lost in Translation). They are promising a sizzling, scintillating night of daring feats with fun and fantastic performances, a night out with aerial, acrobatics, Chinese pole, live music by Peter Reynolds and more – a mix of cutting-edge dance in the sky, jaw-dropping juggling, tipsy hoop swirling and plenty of laughter.

Adrian said: “The show is looking great.”

And it comes after a piece of fortuitous timing. Jacksons Lane was always going to close pre-pandemic – for a £5 million refurbishment: “And we just brought that forward by four months when the pandemic happened and we started building earlier. I have just come off site and it is looking fantastic now so I have to say that in a way lockdown was good timing for us though we worked hard and we got a lot of government support. We lost all of our income, but we were going to do lots of stuff off-site as well.”

But clearly it has all worked out well in the end, and now comes the reopening show which takes in Worthing on its tour: “We work a lot with our associate artists Lost in Translation and we wanted our reopening show to be something high quality, something light, something that was going to entice the audiences back in. We wanted circus cabaret, but nothing too dark, nothing that was going to talk about the pandemic, but just something that was pure escapism.

“I was looking at the words light and bright a lot for the title and originally I was thinking of calling it Back To Our Future because we were getting back out there and we had the new building, but I dumped it because it was my idea and it wasn’t very good. And we came up with the title Luminosa which sounds good and a little mysterious and a little exotic.

“There is a kind of narrative. We are both directing it. We have both had a lot of losses of people in the past couple of years, and he wanted to pay some personal tribute in it to people, but we don’t really talk about that. That is for ourselves. But really, despite all the rubbish that we have been through with the pandemic, we wanted to celebrate the good stuff. There was a lot of goodness in people during the pandemic. There is a lot of positivity, a lot of kind words and a lot of kind deeds from people, from people just supporting our building and so on.”

Jacksons Lane usually do a Christmas Day celebration for older people – but it was looking tough without a building and during a pandemic. But somehow they managed to pull it off, offering around 250 older people, mainly in the Tottenham area, Christmas dinner, a Christmas hamper, a Sainsbury’s voucher and circus right outside their own window: “A lot of positivity came out of it.”

And the show continues the theme: “We just want people to come out and to have a good time.”

Guinness World record holder, strong man Massimiliano Rossetti will perform the rarely seen Korean Cradle with his acro partner and highly ranked junior gymnast Roisin Morris.

On stage with Massimiliano Rossetti and Roisin Morris will be aerialist Tilly Mae, aerial hoop artist Danielle Summer, foot juggler Valerie Jauregui and straps performer Holly Downey. Joining the Lost in Translation crew will be Sadiq Ali on Chinese pole, Zaki Musa on flying pole and Jo-ana Dias on aerial hoop.

Running time 90 minutes.