Could you be a secret millionaire as 60 unclaimed Worthing estates are up for grabs

Millions of pounds of unclaimed inheritance is waiting to be claimed from the government, with some of this owed to people in Worthing.

Friday, 6th October 2017, 4:24 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 9:08 pm (public domain image) PPP-170831-193647001

Records released by the Treasury have shown there are 60 unclaimed assets connected to Worthing – with some potentially worth a lot of money.

When someone dies with no will or no known family, their property passes to the Crown as ownerless property. This is called Bona Vacantia.

This can be any sort of property, including money, personal possessions and buildings, and can range from a small value to millions.

The latest release by the Treasury solicitor reveals there are 60 unclaimed assets connected to the town, although the details of the value of the property have not been released.

People can be entitled to the property if you can show proof of being a relative.

If someone dies without leaving a valid or effective will the following are entitled to the estate:

- husband, wife or civil partner

- children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on

- mother or father

- brothers or sisters who share both the same mother and father, or their children (nieces and nephews)

- half brothers or sisters or their children (nieces and nephews of the half blood or their children)


- uncles and aunts or their children (first cousins or their descendants)

- half uncles and aunts or their children (first cousins of the half blood or their children)

If you find a name on this list and think you could be related you could be entitled to some money.

To register a claim for the property, send a family tree to the Bona Vacantia Division of the Government Legal Department.

This must show how you are related to the person who has died, and include the dates of birth, marriage and death of all those on the family tree.

If it appears you are entitled to claim the property, then you may be asked to prove your relation through birth certificates etc.

Here is a list of the people who have died and their date of birth who have connections to Worthing If you recognise their name then you could be entitled to claim their property.

Marie Bangerter - 05/04/1915

Constance Beard - 05/03/1916

Cecily Joyce Black - 18/04/1905

Gertroude Blake - 06/06/1924

Margaret Breese - 31/10/1903

Robert Chapman - 23/04/1907

Roland Cole - 13/01/1943

David Leslie Cooke - 08/04/1945

Irene Doris Coombes - 13/02/1902

William John Cousins - 05/04/1946

John Davis - 10/08/1943

Velma Marjorie Dunne - (D.O.B. unknown)

Martha Evans - 01/05/1900

Alice Everard - 02/04/1899

Margaret May Finnis - 12/12/1912

Lydia Forbes-Thomson - 29/08/1920

Janet Mary Foulds - 02/11/1945

Clifford Hugh Garratt - 29/12/1898

Elizabeth Gibbs - 12/06/1923

Andrew Peter Gibson - 20/05/1951

Marie Constance Gilbert - 24/08/1917

Lesley Gill - 19/11/1954

Annie Gordon - (D.O.B. unknown)

Isobel Marie Halstead - (D.O.B. unknown)

John Anthony Harris - 17/12/1924

Julie Henderson - 30/07/1938

Frederick John Hogg - 22/11/1912

George Howett - 03/11/1930

Ethel Hunt - 01/11/1907

Bridget James - 24/07/1924

Angela Kaye - 12/01/1901

Agnes Knight - 26/02/1905

Winifried G. Lacey - 25/05/1905

William Edward Lang - (D.O.B. unknown)

Alice Lesley - 08/02/1907

Ellen Elizabeth Mary Lindsay - 08/10/1916

Margaret Felicity Lynfield - 30/01/1930

Mabel Lily Meadows - 21/03/1908

Albert Victor Myall - 05/03/1928

Enid Claire Pardo - 21/06/1916

Kathleen Jessie Peacock - 18/07/1899

Pamela Pelham-Cook - 02/06/1918

Eileen Mary Rhodes - 29/12/1913

Alfonse Sabuk - 14/07/1922

Doris Florence Sartain - 05/06/1919

Raymond Scott - 19/07/1938

Elizabeth Sharp - 12/06/1905

Margaret Ellen Slater - (D.O.B. unknown)

Joseph Smith - 14/05/1915

Thomas Bryan Smith - 24/08/1939

Michael Angus Alistair Stark - 15/10/1942

Jane Lilian Taylor - 17/11/1919

Arthur George Thomas - (D.O.B. unknown)

Kathleen Mary Ulph - 23/03/1919

Kathleen Walter - 12/06/1916

Violet Gladys Ward - 26/05/1886

Henrietta Jane Wheatland - 18/12/1914

Audrey May Williams - 21/01/1923

Desmond Edgar Williams - 13/09/1933

Harold Williams - 05/01/1943