COUNTY: Second trampoline park confirmed for West Sussex

A second trampoline park has been confirmed for West Sussex, and owners are already taking part in a battle of words before either site has opened.

Monday, 30th January 2017, 4:29 pm
Updated Monday, 30th January 2017, 4:43 pm
City Gates, Chichester

Air Arena announced it will be moving into the empty unit at City Gates, Chichester, between MFA Bowling and The Gatehouse Lloyds Bar.

However, owner Stefan Cappella said the trampoline park plan faced serious objection from rival Flip Out – which has recently been confirmed for Glenmore Business Park, off the A27 by Portfield roundabout.

Stefan Cappella said: “I was pretty pleased the plan went through, although I always had an inkling that it would.

“I am aware that people are concerned about parking levels in City Gates, but it is what it is – it only takes one blockbuster movie to be on for it to be very busy.

“However, in terms of location, it would be only a three minute walk from college or a six minute walk from university, whereas you would have to physically drive to go to Flip Out.

“There isn’t much public transport and if I had kids I wouldn’t want them walking through an industrial park.”

Director of Flip Out, Richard Wootton, said in one of the objection comments: “Having just had Flip Out passed after ten months, it would put enormous financial strain on my business in its infancy by allowing another trampoline park to open in Chichester.

“Having to share potential customers could have a catastrophic effect on both businesses.

“Flip Out generally chooses to use industrial units for their parks well away from other services serving alcohol which is not a good combination in such a potentially dangerous environment.”

In response, Stefan said: “I take that as a compliment, I am surprised they would openly say they are concerned about competition.

“We hope to have the keys within the week and from there we will be designing and building – our aim is to be open for April half term.”