Demolition of tidal defences in Shoreham

New Monks Farm: Adur tidal walls demolished as work ramps up on IKEA development

Temporary flood defences along the River Adur are being demolished to make way for new measures as part of the New Monks Farm development in Lancing.

Friday, 24th July 2020, 5:41 pm

A wall erected as part of the recently completed Adur Tidal Walls project is being removed to make way for a new pumping station planned for the New Monks Farm development, which will include 600 new homes and an IKEA superstore. A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “Works are presently being undertaken at Shoreham Airport by Mackley Construction on behalf of New Monks Farm developments. The works involve partial demolition and realignment of the recently constructed Environment Agency Shoreham Adur Tidal Walls scheme, which provided permanent improved flood defences in this area. The existing defences need to be removed to accommodate a new pumping station which will take the majority of surface water run-off from the new Ikea store and New Monks Farm developments, and pump it into the River Adur. The works that have started are to remove the aesthetic capping on the existing flood defences. This does not present an increased flood risk. Before more significant demolition takes place, Mackley Construction will install temporary steel sheet piles front of the existing wall, which will act as the river defences throughout the duration of the works. The piles will be set at the same height as the wall, and therefore flood risk will not be increased whilst the works are ongoing. When the pumping station has been installed, and the wall realigned, the temporary piles will be removed. The Environment Agency has assessed the works and issued a Flood Risk Activity Permit for them. We will continue to work closely with the contractor to ensure the works are completed in accordance with the permit.”

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