UPDATE: Southern apologises after staff refuse to let man into station

Southern has apologised to a Littlehampton man who missed his train after staff refused to unlock station doors.

Wednesday, 3rd January 2018, 10:02 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:11 am
Steve could not get into Littlehampton Railway Station. Picture: Google Maps/Google Streetview

Steve Williams, 45, was hoping to take a 5.02am train to visit his friend in Swindon on Wednesday but found the doors of Littlehampton Railway Station locked up.

He chronicled his experience in a video, including the moment two members of staff refused to let him in.

Steve could not get into Littlehampton Railway Station. Picture: Google Maps/Google Streetview

In response to the incident, a Southern spokesman said: “We are very sorry Mr Williams was prevented from entering the station and delayed.

“It is the first time this has happened in our group station manager’s memory.

“At this time of day we have one member of station staff on duty who had to go home early because he was sick.

“Normally we would arrange for the next person to start their shift early but this was not possible at such short notice.

“It is possible that the staff in the video was a driver who could not open the station doors.”

In a video Steve, who lives in Arcade Road, took of the incident, the exchange with station staff went:

Steve: “I’ve got up at four o’clock this morning to catch a train scheduled for 5.02am

“The entire station is locked up, so can I be let in to get my train please?”

Member of staff: “There’s no key. We don’t have a key”

Steve: “How are you going to get out yourself then if you don’t have a key?”

Member of staff: “We are going to take the train from here”

Steve: “So you’re taking the train to wherever but nobody else can get on?”

Member of staff: “No”

Steve then asked the staff what would happen if there was an emergency and they needed to leave, but they did not reply and walked off.

After missing his train, Steve finally found another member of staff who opened the doors. He was then able to catch a later train to London.