‘Immense pride’ as Worthing dementia home awarded top standard

A dementia nursing home has become the first on the south coast to achieve a top-level accreditation.

Friday, 18th January 2019, 10:00 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 5:45 pm
Guild Care staff celebrate Haviland House's dementia care accreditation
Guild Care staff celebrate Haviland House's dementia care accreditation

Guild Care said just one per cent of care homes audited by the Dementia Care Matters organisation each year meet the level 1 ‘butterfly’ standard.

But despite this, Haviland House in Goring has seen two of its households – Bramber and Clapham – awarded the accreditation after a visit in December.

Explaining the scheme, Chris Walton-Turner, registered manager at the time, said: “Adopting the ‘butterfly’ model has been about creating a calm and happy place that feels like home for our family members; an environment where

relatives will have the confidence that their loved one will be ok, they’ll thrive, they will be with someone who will know them inside and make them feel connected.

“Since using this approach the difference has been incredible, the home has been completely transformed.”

Mr Walton-Turner, who has since returned to his role as a director at the charity, said the recognition was ‘fantastic’ and he was ‘immensely proud’ of the team, given the difficulty of making the grade.

He said: “Before our service was providing good, safe care but it wasn’t always meeting people’s emotional, social and psychological needs in the way that we do today.

“Now the atmosphere is far more relaxed, our staff no longer wear uniforms and we no longer follow strict routines.

“Everyone is smiling, our family members form friendships with each other, there’s lots of dancing, laughing andjoking. There is no longer a feeling of them and us, staff work and live alongside

people – they share personal stories, they connect, they support each other as one big family.”

The ‘Butterfly’ model is now being extended across the remaining three households at Haviland House.

Mr Walton Turner said: “From a personal point of view introducing the butterfly model has been very challenging, but also extremely rewarding to see how it has improved morale amongst not only our staff but most importantly improved the wellbeing and quality of life of our family members.

“Our culture, our ethos, our way of living a full life at Haviland House is about recognising that ‘feelings matter most’.”

Haviland House has 63 beds for people suffering with all stages of dementia.

One relative of a family member, who wished to remain anonymous, said their father had been previously placed in homes ten times but none were successful due to his ‘difficult behaviours’.

They said: “It is the only residential care setting where the staff have embraced him and managed his behaviours with complete success.

“He is so happy here. He loves the staff and enjoys warm and friendly banter.

“The facilities are amazing and the staff are wonderful, caring, professional and just marvellous.”

To find out more about Haviland House contact the customer service team on 01903 327327.

Alternatively, email the team at [email protected]