Durrington High School prom in July 2011. Pictures: Stephen Goodger

20 pictures of Worthing Class of 2011 at Durrington High School prom

On a night when sports cars and limousines were commonplace, students arrived at the Durrington High School prom in the summer of 2011 in ever-imaginative ways. Jamie Smith and Jed McBride, for example, were in wild west hats and riding inflatable horses, while Harvey Simpson arrived on a unicycle.

Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 10:43 am

Other students were transported by ambulance, buses and a plethora of impressive cars. Later in the evening, an awards ceremony was held, which included categories for prom king and queen, and best male and female teacher. One of the winners was Lauren Jones, who at 15 years old had scaled the ranks to become one of the best junior wheelchair tennis players in the world.

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