Flashback to the forties in Worthing

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I was very interested to read Graham Forshaw’s article ‘Memories of post-war Worthing’(Looking Back, December 19).

Our family moved to Worthing in either 1945 or 1946.

I was at school with Graham’s brother, Keith.

When we lived in the Vale of Glamorgan, we knew another Forshaw who owned a home in West Worthing.

We lived in Allington Road, and I often walked to Dominion Road (later Downsbrook) Primary School via Sompting Road and Southfield Road.

I remember Carter’s Bakery in Sompting Road, run by Mrs Carter and her son.

Her daughter married Arthur Jex, who ran the newsagent’s shop on the corner of Sompting Road and Southfield Road.

My sister remains in touch with their daughter, Mary, who still lives in Worthing.

Mrs Carter’s son lived to a great age and died relatively recently.

I remember the sweet shop, run by Mr Jones, at 96 Southfield Road. He sold a lurid green drink called a Penny Vantas, which I always thought was good value.

It was also possible to buy two ounces of treacle toffees and two ounces of peppermint toffees for the price of four ounces of sweets.

I remember the Fuller family. Pamela Fuller was in my class at primary school. Her grandfather was the local chimney sweep.

I also remember the Sandell family of Southfield Road. One of the sons, Ian Sandell, lives locally and my wife, Jenny, is still in touch with his wife.

I also remember the old Highfield and Oakland dairy. Every morning, at about six o’clock, a procession of horses and carts went past our house in Allington Road, on their way to Sompting and Lancing.

Once a year, you could meet all the horses in their stables.

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