Game review: Worms Collection

Worms collection.
Worms collection.

The video game WORMS is probably one of the longest running games franchises of all time.

It’s hard to believe the original war-mongering little critters first hit screens back in 1995 on the AMIGA (remember them?).

With subsequent releases and re-releases they are still with us, appearing on PCs, consoles and hand held devices worldwide, and their popularity doesn`t seem to be waning neither, with the release of WORMS: COLLECTION developed by TEAM 17 and published by MASTERTRONIC for the Xbox 360® and the PlayStation 3®.

This bumper package includes the original WORMS, WORMS 2: ARMAGEDDON and WORMS: ULTIMATE MAYHEM and a nice selection of DLC.

For those of you who are unaware of this gaming franchise, WORMS is a turn based game, where players control a small platoon of earthworms, across a deformable landscape, the objective being to destroy the enemy with an incredible array of weapons before he destroys you.

WORMS is the game that started the madness off and is still enjoyable today.

Having had the HD treatment the game doesn`t look dated at all, with really vibrant colours and nice graphics and it hasn`t lost any of its charm, with the silly accents of each team member providing some funny moments.

This is a great game for all ages, especially as you can customise each character in your team with names and accents.

WORMS: ARMAGEDDON is basically the same as the first one except there are more weapons and has plenty of DLC included.

WORMS: ULTIMATE MAYHEM rewrote the book on WORMS, with the little blighters becoming 3D. It’s a combination of WORMS 3D and WORMS 4, this being the period when TEAM 17 decided to go into the 3D world.

This for me didn`t work as it loses most of its charm and the game play isn`t that great, with overly complex aiming and manoeuvring it quickly becomes a chore and no longer fun.

With THE HOLY HAND GRENADE and the EXPLODING SHEEP there is no shortage of original and mayhem causing weaponry.

Each worm has as standard a rocket launcher, but as you progress more elaborate weapons and gadgets are unlocked allowing AIRSTRIKES or even TELPORTING.

WORMS at its heart is a strategy game as you do have to manoeuvre each worm to aim and launch. This can include tunnelling under unsuspecting enemies and leaving sticks of dynamite, or lobbing over shrapnel grenades.

There is even a KAMIKAZI suicide option as well.


WORMS shows us that if you have a great idea and a simple story you can make a classic. This game might be old school in many ways, but it still does have that magic element that still calls you back for more.

The WORMS franchise will be around for a while yet, and gamers still can`t get enough of them. This is a great introduction for any one new to WORMS and shows that a simple good idea can last a long time and it’s not the most expensive game around so worth a go.

Worms Collection

Developer: Team 17

Publisher: Mastertronic

Xbox 360®

Playstation 3®

Genre: Action/ Strategy

Release Date: 31st August 2012