Games review: Gotham City Imposters

Some of the Gotham City Imposters.
Some of the Gotham City Imposters.

“HOLY HOLE IN A DONUT!” Batman sure has come on over the years, from the camp Adam West version to the camp George Clooney version, and finally the moody, always seems to be raining version we have today played by moody, drama queen, Christian Bale, now for me the original was always the best Bruce and Dick living in a big house together, sliding down poles and fighting bad guys.

Why did they always have labels on their machines? Did they have memory problems? I mean we all know it’s the Bat computer right, why have a label on it?

Perhaps Bruce had some kind of ADHD thing going on - anyway, I digress.

That kind of campy fun loving Gotham was what BATMAN was all about to me, and when the code for GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTERS, Published by WARNER BROTHERS INTERACTIVE and MONOLITH PRODUCTIONS was sent over, I took one look and realised those glory days are back again.

Except in this game BATMAN or the JOKER doesn`t actually appear, instead you can build your own character (eventually) based upon these two protagonists, and run around shooting and killing the enemy in a series of on line challenges, Team death match, fumigation and Psychological warfare, and that’s it there is no campaign, so its straight on to the on-line play, with up to 12 players, which is nice,

I eventually found myself getting bored after a while, I mean it’s like all first person shooters of today easy to aim and move around, CALL OF DUTY, and TEAMFORTRESS 2 came to mind at first glance, and judging by the elaborate customised characters already on line some gamers have really got into it.

What has GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTERS got that other games haven’t? Well to be honest not much really, ok you can customise your character and there is a wide range of weaponry and customisable items, but is this enough to cover up the fact that this is a straight forward first person on-line shooter.

OK so what is the point of having all these elaborate weapons, when some little Herbert repeatedly sneaks up behind you and blows you away with a shotgun?

As a download only, 1,200 Microsoft points’ game, is it worth the effort? Well for me I wouldn`t say so, the idea is pretty sound but the content is pretty uninspiring, there are loads of different gadgets such as a glider rig, grappling hook and springy boots and you can equip yourself with body armour, bear traps and boomerangs.

I found waiting for a game to start sometimes did take a while, and when it did start it was no different than all the FPS games that have come before it, I honestly don`t see the point of this game it’s just made up of the online content you would find on any FPS game, just without a campaign, granted its cheap enough but it quickly becomes dull and uninteresting, it’s the kind of game that you enjoy playing for a short time but not addictive enough to want to keep coming back to it.

GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTERS would be more fun if it had a campaign to fill it out a bit, the emphasis appears to be more on customisation than actual game play, there is only a limited amount of maps to play on, and for the price it is one of those First person shooters that most gamers will give it a go, but not spend too much time on it.


As you can probably work out by now I am not overly impressed with GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTERS, it is a great idea, unfortunately without a campaign it just becomes another on line FPS, and there isn`t enough gameplay to make it interesting, if you have a £11.99 lying around then indulge yourself, or go down to your local game shop and dig out a pre-owned copy of FORTRESS 2 (which is probably the same price now) and play that instead. I give GOTHAM CITY IMPOSTERS 6 out of 10 because it just doesn`t have sustainability.

Gotham City Imposters

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Monolith Productions

Genre: multiplayer First person Shooter (Download Only)

Age rating: 16

Review by Dayvid Ryan