GAMES REVIEW: Saints Row The Third

Saints Row The Third
Saints Row The Third

OK I know what you are all thinking, this is another grand theft auto clone.

Well I am afraid you would be wrong.

I admit at first glance my eyes rolled skywards and I thought “here we go again” GTA 10 or whatever it is now.

“No, no, no” is what I retort this is something else in fact it`s more like Crackdown (remember from a few years back) or if Bruce Willis did Grand Theft Auto.

Saints Row The Third takes you away from the city of Stillwater where the first two games where set and you end up in Steel Port, a grimy industrial town.

This is where the action starts after a mad intro which involves a shed load of crazy stunts, the likes of Jason Statham would be proud of.

It paves your exit from Stillwater and then gives you the opportunity to customise your character – this is a major part of the game because you can not only customise your character but also his vehicles.

Mine has been running around in a dressing gown with pink bunny rabbit slippers, hilarious.

Let’s face it you couldn’t run around stark naked shooting and blowing up things in GTA, and not only that you get extra points for streaking, brilliant.

Now your mission is to take over the town and get rid of the opposition, of course it`s not as straight forward as you think and this leads the way for some pretty mental action sequences and high jinks, jumping out of aeroplanes (in fact jumping through aeroplanes) hanging out of helicopters, flying helicopters, riding motorbikes, driving cars and boats (and crashing them) you can even base jump off buildings (makes James Bond look like Bambi).

Gang fights are a wacky affair you have to run the gauntlet of a constant onslaught of enemies showing up in a variety of vehicles, armed to the teeth and to top it all they don’t die first time (unless you can shoot them in the head!).

There is a nice array of weaponry available which is upgradable, the shotgun being my personal favourite.It’s a gamer’s paradise.

Saints Row The Third has endless surprises and just keeps on getting better and better.

You get to cat-sit a tiger who gets angry and starts hitting you if you slow down, there is some dealer protection work to be had, rescuing hookers (the only annoying bit is the pimp’s electronic voice, sounds like a reject from some R&B boy band) hacking up wrestlers with a chain saw to name but a few .

Of course there are many other side missions to complete, Tank mayhem being one of my favourites where you get to blow up property and people whilst driving a tank.

Insurance fraud is another fun one, you basically have to throw yourself under cars to claim insurance money.

All these stunts and missions are to earn money and get respect so you can upgrade and take over the town, you don’t even have to try very hard to earn. Getting paid by the hour is the norm and claiming the money by accessing your smart phone is straight forward.

Your smart phone is your main source of missions and upgrades, from stealing cars to assassinating other gang members Saints Row The Third has it all (some serious apps).

You can of course play the campaign on line in co-op mode but it tends to run away with its self with two players going mad, yet it still has that fun element so enjoy


Saints Row The Third is a game that is for pure fun there is no attempt at realism or trying to create some deep meaningful story line.

I will give it 8 out of 10 as it’s a great game but not brilliant, worth investing 40 bucks in though.

Review by Dayvid Ryan

Saints Row the Third

Release date 18/11/2011

Action Third person shooter (TPS)


Xbox 360


Age rating 18

Publisher THQ

Developer Volition