GOLDEN YEARS – a day trip to Littlehampton

Golden Years from August 1959
Golden Years from August 1959
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THIS large group of children was enjoying a day trip to Littlehampton, a reader has revealed.

Taken in 1959, this photo appeared in Golden Years on October 13, under the caption “what brought all these children together?”.

That question was answered by Albert Bentley, of Carina Drive, Rustington, who was one of the children who enjoyed the free day trips to Littlehampton that were offered at the time to those living in Morden and Carlshalton, in Surrey.

Albert, 69, said: “That photo was taken on Littlehampton Green. We used to have some good day trips there. I hadn’t realised they held the day trips for that long.”

Albert said he had been taken on the day-trip when he was 10 – nearly 10 years before this photo was taken.

He added: “That photo brought back a lot of old memories.”

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