GOLDEN YEARS: Delighted to see aunt

Ivy Steele is presented with a bouquet
Ivy Steele is presented with a bouquet

ONE reader phoned the Herald and Gazette when she saw her aunt in a Golden Years picture from 1958.

Barbara Barns said she was delighted when she saw the picture showing her aunt, Ivy Steele, being handed a bouquet of flowers from a young boy.

Barbara, 65, of Willow Crescent, Worthing, said her uncle and aunt Horace and Ivy Steele were the owners of Steele’s Garage in Worthing, and were the mayor and mayoress for the town in 1958.

She said: “I don’t know who the young man is in the picture, though he looks like a Boy Scout. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was my aunty on one of her mayoress duties, however, she isn’t wearing her ceremonial chain.”

Barbara added: “My aunty was a lovely person, and I was delighted to see her face again, as we only lost her not so long ago.

“It was just nice to see her again as I remember her.”

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