GOLDEN YEARS Happy memories of Worthing school

THESE waving children were from a school for those with speech defects, a reader has revealed.

This photo appeared in the Golden Years on October 20, asking readers “were you one of these children”.

None of the children pictured came forward, but one woman who worked at the school where the picture was taken shared her memories of this photo.

Rita Winton, 76, said this picture was taken at the John Horniman School, which was based in Park Road, Worthing.

Rita, who used to work at the school and now lives in Worthing, said it was a well-run school which staff and children enjoyed being part of.

She said children came from across the country for the specialist schooling.

She said: “Children with speech defects came from across the country.

“They were children aged between five and 11 who had quite severe handicaps.

“This picture was taken during term-time and I believe the woman pictured was Mrs Parry, the matron.”

She added: “It was a lovely place, very happy.

“It was well-run and well-organised.”

At the time of the picture, Rita worked as a nursery nurse at the school.