GOLDEN YEARS Photograph of mother brings back memories

The picture from January 1959
The picture from January 1959
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READER Sally Jackson spotted her mother in this photograph which she said brought back “nice memories”.

Sally’s mother Mary Lanceley – Mary Woods at the time – is on the very left in this photo, which she said was taken during a performance at Cootham Village Hall near Storrington.

The photo was taken in 1959, and Sally thinks it was a Christmas-time performance of George and the Dragon.

Sally, from Worthing, said: “My auntie has told me it was the Storrington Young Wives Group.

“I have a photograph of the audience, which includes me! I would have been eight at the time but I don’t remember being there.”

Sally’s auntie, Eve Farrell, who lives in Storrington, thinks she may also know the names of some of the other women.

She believed the second from right was Beryl Hughes, with Marjorie Chandler to her left, then Frances Milner.

Mary died in 1998.

Sally said: “As soon as I saw the picture, I thought ‘oh, that’s my mum’.

“It brought back some nice memories and made me get my old photos out.”