Lazy summer’s afternoon in Southwick

J. Ripley's photograph Pankawala Prize Section
J. Ripley's photograph Pankawala Prize Section
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HERE’S another picture from the collection of Southwick historian Neil Deville.

“This one is possibly my favourite,” he said.

“A lazy summers afternoon, messing about on the green, King Charles Cottage in the background and the only sign of transport a steam roller alongside the barn.”

Titled “Pankawala Prize Section”, it is one of a collection of First World War photographs taken by by Joseph Ripley, a local photographer who covered Shoreham and Southwick.

The Northamptonshire Regiment was based in Slonk Hill, Shoreham. The 7th (Service) Battalion formed at Northampton in September, 1914, and moved to the South Downs and into billets in Southwick between November, 1914, and April, 1915.