Memories of ‘sweet and dear’ Maisie

Maisie Hoskins, the longest serving barmaid in Worthing
Maisie Hoskins, the longest serving barmaid in Worthing

MAISIE Hoskins, the longest-serving barmaid in Worthing, is much missed, it seems.

Worthing reader Gary Woollard said the picture in Nostalgia (March 21 edition) brought a smile to his face.

“I remember her very well, as I lived in The Central hotel at that time. The bar was used by bikers and Teddy Boys then,” he said.

Maisie was only working part time then, he explained, as she used to help looking after the mother of The Central’s owner, Brian Downs.

Gary continued: “As a 19 year old, she always looked after me, as well as making sure I ate well enough. We later shared a cottage at the back of the hotel. She used to tell me stories about the old days, and especially about Hinge and Bracket. Apparently, they used to go there regularly in their early days.

“But those and I who knew her well will always remember her sitting at the end of the bar with a fag in her hand with her favourite tipple, chatting with everybody. She was a sweet and dear lady and she is sorely missed.”

Maisie’s daughter, Barbara Allison, wrote in with a bit more information about her.

Barbara, of Seamill Park Crescent, Worthing, said Maisie was born on May 5, 1905, and died in May, 1998, at the age of 93.

She worked in several pubs around Worthing, including The Central and JBs Bar, in New Street, with The Southdown, in Northcourt Road, probably being the last.

“After that, she sat the other side of the bar and enjoyed a chat with the locals, enjoying her favourite tipples of Guinness and brandy and a cigarette, as the photo shows,” added Barbara.

Barbara herself was born in Worthing and at the age of 15, moved to London.

“As I lived in London, I can’t personally name the several more pubs she would have worked in around Worthing,” she explained.

Barbara returned “home” after 42 years.