Photograph found behind Worthing fireplace

Do you recognise this girl?
Do you recognise this girl?

This photo was found behind an old fireplace in one of our reader’s houses.

Alison Gilbert, of Athelstan Road, Worthing, was having a new fireplace installed when one of the builders found the photo.

Alison has no idea who the little girl in the photo is and thinks it must belong to one of the previous occupants of the house.

Alison and her husband moved into the house in December 1990.

They bought the house from a Mr Harris, who lived there for three years before them, but Alison has no idea who was living there before that.

Do you recognise the girl in the photo?

Can you help us reunite this photo with its original owner?

• Contact James Connaughton via email at, send a letter by post or pop into Cannon House, Chatsworth Road, Worthing, BN11 1NA. Telephone 01903 282351.