Reader’s appeal for family information

Joseph Arkell, far right
Joseph Arkell, far right

This photo was sent in by Sue Woodland in the hope that readers might be able to offer her more information about the people pictured.

Sue’s paternal grandfather, Joseph Arkell, is the chauffeur on the far right of the photo.

Sue said: “He was born in Chelsea in 1889 and moved to Lancing with his wife, Emily, and two young children, I believe in 1927. He lived in Penhill Road, Lancing, until his death in 1977.

“During his working life he worked as a chauffeur, and I remember being told that he worked for some famous film stars. I don’t know the reason for their move to Lancing, but wonder if the family he worked for moved to the coast and, as their chauffeur, he moved with them.

“I know in later life he used to visit some people who lived on Lancing seafront and I believe they were a family he used to work for.

“Unfortunately, I do not know the date the photo was taken, and it may even have been when they were still living in London.

“I am interested to know who the other people in the photo are. I imagine they must be the family he worked for, and they are obviously enjoying a picnic.

“My query, therefore, is do any of your readers recognise anyone in the photo?

“I would also be interested to know if anyone remembers my grandfather and has any stories to tell.”

If you recognise anyone in the photo or have any stories about Sue’s grandfather you could share with her, please get in touch.

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