Rotary clubs join forces for special hobbies exhibition

HUNDREDS of people got a taste of the activities and clubs on offer in Worthing at a special exhibition at the weekend.

The three Rotary clubs of Worthing joined forces on Saturday to hold a hobbies and leisure exhibition at the Assembly Hall in Stoke Abbott Road, Worthing.

John Brenton, who does PR for the clubs and is a Rotarian himself, said the exhibition was their best yet and estimated around 500 people had gone along.

He said: “We are really pleased because it was so successful. We run this every two years, but I think this one was our best yet.

“Two years ago we had around 40 exhibitors, but this time we had 60, so the place was milling with people.

“We do it purely as a social thing, and don’t make any money out of it.

“It’s just to let people who live, or have recently moved to Worthing, know what’s out there.

“From what I heard, many of the clubs and groups had people express an interest in signing up, so it was very good.”

For more information about becoming a Rotarian, contact John Rogers, Worthing club president, on 01903 246335; Jim Farley, Worthing Steyne club president, on 01903 610001 or 07768 943725; and Trish Sullivan, West Worthing club president, on 01903 503357 or 07918 713475.