Say cheese in an Airstream photobooth

Pictures: Airstreatm Studio
Pictures: Airstreatm Studio

Forget the traditional photo booths, Charlotte Harding has found one with a vintage twist.

Em Cons and her partner Matt Legg had always wanted to own an Airstream trailer.

Pictures: Airstreatm Studio

Pictures: Airstreatm Studio

So when they bought one in July 2016 rather than have it as a holiday home, leaving it empty for of the year, they chose to do something a bit different.

“We both love photography so decided that we would use it as a photo booth,” reveals Em.

“Our friends were getting married in the August which meant we only had a few weeks to turn it around to get it ready for their big day.

“Ideally we would have loved to have spent about three months working on it, as we had paint drying a couple of days before the wedding, but it looked great and we have made subtle tweaks to it as we have gone on.”

The Airstream Studio, based in Brighton, features a luxury diner style seating booth, fairground light archways and art deco units all inside a rare 1949 Airstream trailer.

“The seating booth is really nice as people can come, sit down and enjoy a glass of wine while their friends get dressed up for the booth,” she says.

“With some other booths you are just in and out but this one people can hang about a bit.”

The interiors and photobox were created by Matt who is a carpenter

“There is also an old fashioned sweet dispenser with jelly beans which the kids just love they come in and raid it,” she smiles.

“Most bookings we take are for three hours but we have some people ask to have it for more, the most we have done is five.”

Made of aluminium and measuring at 22 foot long the pair ensure that the outside always has a mirror shine.

“When we first got it we had to leave it in a field and whenever it rained we would have to spend about nine hours polishing it with industrial polish,” explains Em.

“We love the mirror shine, but people just want to touch it but if they do we have to do the whole panel we can’t just do that one bit.”

“I try not to be precious but on one of our first events I wanted to put a barrier up but Matt said I couldn’t,” she laughs.

“It is housed in a barn now so it doesn’t get affected by the rain.”

The photo booth itself is fully automated with a touch screen system, professional camera, lighting wide angle lens with a high spec photo printer.

Guests into the booths get two copies of the photos one for them to keep and another to put in a guest book where they can put their own message.

“We have so many props,” says Em.

“That was the really fun bit before we started as I love shopping, we went around antique shops buying items but I still see things now and think ‘wow that is perfect I have to buy it’.”

As well as weddings the Airstream has been used at Hallowe’en events, for parties, festivals and even as a Santa’s grotto.

“The bits inside can be moved around,” explains Em.

“We can cater for anything.”

The one tricky thing about the Airspeed the pair have found is finding something that can tow it, however the trailer itself isn’t the problem it’s what’s inside it.

“It is actually light as a feather,” Em reveals.

“If we have to put it in a tricky field two people can pull it along, there have been occasions when I have been in a dress or heels for a wedding pulling it across a field, it must be funny to watch.”

And while some of their friends weren’t initially convinced the pair are loving their new found business.

“Our friends’ faces when we showed it to them at wedding was priceless,” she says.

“When we told them our initial plan they thought we were bonkers but when they saw it they got it.”

The photo boom is available to hire in most locations in West and East Sussex including Worthing, Haywards Heath, Lewes and Eastbourne, as well as Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and London.

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