20MPH INVESTIGATION: Police ‘will not enforce’ 20mph limits

Police do not expect to routinely enforce 20mph limits
Police do not expect to routinely enforce 20mph limits

THE whole point of 20mph limits is to be ‘self-enforcing’, the Department for Transport states.

In its 2013 guidance, the department says: “To achieve compliance there should be no expectation on the police to provide additional enforcement beyond their routine activity, unless this has been explicitly agreed.”

Sussex Police does not expect to commit extra resources to policing the proposed new limits.

A spokesman said: “While Sussex Police is able to enforce any legally established speed limit, we do not routinely expect to enforce 20mph limits because as part of the consultation in the implementation of the 20mph limit, the new area should comply with the Department for Transport guidelines for self enforcing schemes.

“However, where drivers are exceeding the speed limit through wilful offending, officers can enforce the limit and prosecute offenders.”

Duncan Kay said that it is ‘essential’ to have community support.

He said: “DFT is absolutely right. It is essential to have community involvement. Really this should be led by the local highways authority as they have a statutory duty to ensure the safety of all road users.”

20’s Plenty constantly claim the scheme has 60-70 per cent of support of residents.

A recent Herald poll, however, revealed 83 per cent of readers who voted were against the plans.