£30m cash boost as council bid to improve roads

W51932H13''Pot Holes Hill Barn Lane Worthing
W51932H13''Pot Holes Hill Barn Lane Worthing
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AROUND £30m will be spent on improving and maintaining roads in West Sussex over the next two years.

West Sussex has experienced some of the worst weather conditions in living memory in recent years with record levels of rainfall, flooding, freezing temperatures and snow causing significant deterioration to the county’s road network.

The network of unclassified roads has been particularly hit, and in the 2012/13 22 per cent of unclassified roads across West Sussex were considered in need of repair compared to 12 per cent two years earlier.

The money will primarily pay for improvements to unclassified roads which make up 55 per cent of the entire road network.

Pieter Montyn, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “I am delighted to be able to confirm that we plan to spend in the region of £30m as part of the Better Roads Programme.

“I did promise that we would be spending a significant sum, and I can now confirm the sort of expenditure we are working towards as we finalise our budget proposals. This is a really sound use of capital financing because there will be benefits not just in terms of improved roads, but also this investment will help reduce our maintenance costs.

“By putting in place a long term asset management plan that makes our roads more resilient, we can prevent damage, provide greater value for the taxpayer and make managing problems caused by extreme weather easier.

“If we make the extra capital investment now in upgrading road surfaces, it will reduce annual maintenance costs, and prevent deterioration.

“West Sussex needs reliable and safe transport links to help connect people to jobs and businesses.

“Rural and smaller urban roads have to be up to the job and better roads do not cost as much to maintain and significantly reduce the outbreak of potholes.”