£400,000 project will improve power lines

WORK to increase the reliability of the electricity supply to the area has begun after a £400,000 investment.

UK Power Networks is midway through a five-week project to upgrade power lines, which stretch across the rural areas either side of the A24 in the Findon area.

The work involves replacing the existing system with covered power lines to help protect them from the impact of debris carried on the wind getting tangled in the power lines during gales.

This can disrupt power supplies until an engineer has reached the scene and cleared the fault.

Head of operations Colin Barden said: “The new type of conductor we are installing will make our electricity network more resilient, particularly during high winds.

“We are replacing the poles, wires and metal fittings while increasing the capacity of the system.

“This type of equipment was built to last and has served people well but it’s time for an overhaul.”

Residents will be warned of any power interruptions.