Accident witness says drivers ignore speed limits on A27 at Lancing

A COUPLE who witnessed an accident on the A27 felt they were taking their lives in their own hands by walking along the ‘dangerous’ stretch of road.

Lyn Phillips and her husband David were walking back to their home in Lancing from Shoreham airport last Tuesday when they saw something that has put them off their walk altogether.

Lyn Phillips at the spot on the A27 where she witnessed an accident

Lyn Phillips at the spot on the A27 where she witnessed an accident

As they walked along the road they smelled burning rubber and noticed a car tyre had shredded and was coming loose from the wheel.

In a letter to the Herald Lyn wrote: “The driver in question stopped his vehicle at the side of the road just a few yards ahead of us, immediately turning on his hazard lights.

“We were the only pedestrians on the pavement at that time so we realised we had to assist him.”

Although the speed limit on this particular section of the dual-carriageway is 40mph, Lyn said they were barely able to hear themselves think due to the ‘cacophony of noise’ coming from the speeding vehicles.

“He called the police and we waited with him,” she wrote.

“My husband went further back along the road to signal to drivers to move into the outside lane.

“People were extremely slow to react to the hazard warning lights and I noticed that hardly any of the vehicles slowed right down.

“Only one vehicle put on their own hazards to warn other drivers.”

Lyn wrote that if all the cars had put on their hazard lights the traffic would probably have slowed dramatically.

“Just before the traffic police came onto the scene a young woman slammed her brakes on so hard that she careered off the road into a post. Luckily she was okay,” wrote Lyn.

“We realise that every time we venture out along the road which we now call the M27, due to the amount and speed of the traffic, that we are risking life and limb.

“It beggars belief that the speed limit along that particular stretch of the A27 has remained at 70mph reducing to 40mph as you approach the roundabout at Lancing Manor.

“Hardly anybody takes any notice of the speed limit, nor do they on the other side going east.

“It is easily one of the most dangerous roads I have ever encountered.”

Lyn has lived in the area for four years and wrote there had been no change despite numerous complaints.

She wrote: “I think that before approaching the Shoreham airport turn off, the speed limit should be reduced to 50mph and speed cameras should be put in place thereby ensuring that by the time traffic reaches the roundabout they are actually travelling at 40mph.

“Perhaps then people like myself would not have to feel they are dicing with death every time they exit Grinstead Lane.”

PC Mark Brown of West Sussex Police said: “Police are aware that some motorists are not abiding by the speed limit there. “Drivers should be warned that this area is regularly patrolled by unmarked police cars and there have been a number of prosecutions.”