Actor acknowledges school and college

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A FORMER Worthing resident has made it onto the big screen - in Argentina.

Tom Harris, 33, used to live in Worthing but moved to Buenos Aires with his partner just over a year ago.

Now he has landed the lead role in a feature film called ‘El Prisionero Irlandes’ (The Irish Prisoner).

“This is my first experience working on a feature film,” Tom said, “and added to that the fact that we were working almost entirely in Spanish - I was aware it was going to be a challenge.”

Tom’s first experiences of acting were at Worthing College and Worthing High School and he looks fondly on his time there.

He said: “I can remember having the chance to work on really challenging texts which is not common for a kid that age, least of all at high school and I loved it, so that was a really great start.”

Tom initially auditioned for a small part in the film, which is set during the British invasions of Argentina in 1806.

Yet his enthusiasm saw him land a much bigger role.

“I auditioned for one of the British soldiers and when they offered me that role I began to investigate more about the soldiers that were involved in the invasion,” Tom said.

“It turned out that many of them were Scottish and when I emailed the directors suggesting I could do a Scottish accent, they replied ‘that is interesting, you couldn’t perhaps do an Irish accent could you?!’

“So here I am, six weeks of filming and several bottles of red hair dye later, playing the lead role.

“In terms of my career it’s certainly a boost and a great experience for me -I got to work with some really great Argentine actors and crew and I learned a huge amount from it.”

The film tells the story of an Irish soldier who is taken prisoner by the Spanish Army. Taken to a remote part of the country called San Luis, he falls for a local woman but the relationship is filled with complications in a country overcome with conflict.

Tom has found that his Worthing roots helped him better adopt his role.

“Working on this character, a man lost in an unknown land, I knew I was going to need something ‘real’ to help remind me of the feeling of being a long way from home so I took with me on set a postcard from Worthing sent by my Dad,” he said.