Advisory group to Worthing Borough Council resigns

MEMBERS of a group which advises the council on its spending have resigned after their recommendations were “rejected for the second year running”.

Barry Hillman, Martin Phillips and Alan Randall resigned as Worthing Borough Council’s Independent Remuneration Panel in a letter sent on Monday to Jeremy Cook, monitoring officer for Worthing Borough Council.

The letter read: “Our report on recommended allowances for councillors was substantially rejected by the council. This is the second year running that our recommendations have been rejected. We undertake the role on a voluntary, unpaid basis, but now feel that we are wasting our time.

“Prior to preparing our report, we sought the views of councillors both by inviting them to complete a questionnaire and by inviting them to meet us.

“The responses we received were reflected in our report. We were often told by councillors that in the difficult times of budget pressures it was not appropriate to award increases in allowances that exceeded the agreed councillors’ allowance budget. Yet the council has now voted an increase of up to £20,000 extra to fund the increases.”