‘Amazing’ Rose is still witty at 107

Rose Peters celebrating her107th birthday WH 120914
Rose Peters celebrating her107th birthday WH 120914

A FAMILY woman, with a soft spot for Guinness, celebrated her 107th birthday with family.

Rose Peters, of Elton Lodge, in Selden Road, Worthing, sang songs and enjoyed a spread laid on by her nephew Raymond Hall, 79, and his wife Rosemary, 68, from Dorset.

Another of Rose’s nephews, John Cox, 71, of Banstead, Surrey, also attended with his wife Christine, 70.

Mr Cox said: “She’s an amazing lady. She’s still got her wits about her, you can’t pull the wool over her eyes. She’s very friendly and approachable. She spent a large part of her life looking after other people.”

Rose was born in Wandsworth, London, and was one of nine children.

She married her husband Horace Peters at the age of 22, before registering as a foster parent. John said the secret to Rose’s long life was her love of Guinness and friendship.

Yvonne Barker, deputy manager at Elton Lodge, has known Rose since she first moved into Elton Lodge seven years ago.

She said: “She’s got a lovely family who all come and visit her. She’s got a brilliant memory she keeps us all on our toes.”

Tracie Mines, manager at Elton Lodge, added: “She’s lovely; a proper Londoner.”