Amelia Bambridge: Worthing business rallies after backpacker goes missing

Amelia Bambridge from Worthing in West Sussex
Amelia Bambridge from Worthing in West Sussex

A business in Worthing is holding a fundraising event to support the efforts to find backpacker Amelia Bambridge, who has gone missing on an island in Cambodia.

The 21-year-old former BHASVIC student was reported missing on Thursday after she failed to return to her hostel following a party on Koh Rong island.

Amelia Bambridge from Worthing has been reported missing

Amelia Bambridge from Worthing has been reported missing

A search party has spent four days looking for the Worthing resident and Cambodian police are interviewing six men over her disappearance.

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Amelia’s mother, aunt, father and brother have travelled to the island to join in the search.

Meanwhile, members of Amelia’s family back in Worthing are desperately appealing for information and pouring their efforts into raising awareness and funds towards the search.

An old friend of Amelia’s, local tattoist Amy Francis, is holding a flash tattoo event at Thirteen Ink in Brighton Road, Worthing, on Friday to help with the fundraising appeal.

Amy, who is also 21, said: “I kind of knew Amelia from about two years back. There was a group of us that used to go out a lot. Then we lost touch a bit.”

She said she had been following Amelia’s travels on her Instagram page, where she was posting photos from her adventures abroad.

Amy said she first heard Amelia had gone missing when she spotted an appeal while scrolling on her Facebook feed.

“I did a little double take,” she said. “It’s not something that you ever expect.”

She said Amelia’s disappearance had had an impact on the community in Worthing.

“She’s so friendly. I think a lot of people know her, she loves going out,” Amy said.

“Everyone just seems shocked by it, even if they didn’t know her.”

In honour of Amelia’s two tattoos – one of a cat and one of cow – Amy is offering people the chance to get a tattoo of either animal for £30 on Friday.

Proceeds and donations will go towards the fundraising appeal set up by Amelia’s family to support the search efforts.

Amy said she had never done anything like this before but wanted to help out in some small way.

“It’s all I can do,” she said.

Anyone wishing to take part in the event can just turn up. Find out more by searching for Amy’s business Moss Tattoos on Facebook.

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Family joins search for Worthing backpacker missing on Cambodian island