Anger after postman leaves keys behind in Broadwater

The keys in the postbox
The keys in the postbox

A BROADWATER man said he was left “cross and disappointed” after discovering keys had been in left in the door of a postbox on two separate occasions.

Darren Myles first saw a set of keys dangling from the door of the postbox outside the Cricketers Parade post office, in Broadwater Street West, in December.

Then, on Friday, January 6 he went to post some letters only to find more keys hanging from the postbox.

Darren, 39, said: “One time it could be seen as an honest mistake, but two times is inexcusable.

“On the first occasion, there were about two or three of us stood around the postbox, I decided to go into the post office and was told perhaps the postman had lots to carry and had gone back to his van.

“I really wasn’t very happy with this, and after much persistence got the lady behind the counter to agree to take the keys.”

When Darren went to post some letters at about 3.15pm on Friday, he found another set of keys in the door of the same postbox.

He said: “There was no sign of a postman again. It’s real security risk – anyone could have taken the keys, which may well open other postboxes, and taken the letters from inside. People rely on Royal Mail’s security, so to see this happening on two occasions in such a short space of time is very worrying.”

Royal Mail spokesperson Valerie Antoine said: “We would like to thank the customer for bringing this to our attention. This should not have happened. The security of the mail is of the utmost importance to us and any breaches will be dealt with as a matter of urgency. Our staff are always reminded of the appropriate action to take when emptying postboxes.”