Anger as Ferring residents lose phone service

BT has been criticised after Ferring residents were unable to make or receive phone calls for more than a week.

Residents in a number of roads in Ferring lost phone coverage when a BT cable was severely damaged by heavy rainfall on July 13.

One resident, pensioner Christine Roberts, of Sea Lane Gardens, said Ferring had a largely older population, with many people not having mobiles phones or the internet.”

The 69-year-old: “I think it’s a disgrace. Most people here are very old indeed and don’t have mobiles. “And those of us who have mobiles, they don’t work in Ferring. If we need the emergency services, what would we do? A lot of people in my road are well into their 90s.”

Following the damage to the cable, the phone company received 70 reports of problems to phone coverage.

BT estimates that around 300 people were unable to make calls, but Christine said the number was likely to be higher, as there were those with intermittent phone coverage.

The majority of homes now have functioning phones, but many were unable to make or receive calls for more than a week.

For the full story, read this week’s Worthing Herald, out today, Thursday, July 26.