Angry residents will fight for open space near Aquarena

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ANGRY residents are willing to “take on Goliath” over plans by Worthing Borough Council to sell-off public open space behind the Aquarena site.

The residents of New Parade, which is situated next to the Aquarena, are concerned that the council are selling public space which they say could be built on by developers in the future.

They are also unhappy that the sell-off will block their view of the new Splashpoint pool and the pier, whilst also preventing visitors from enjoying the neighbouring seafront.

Andrew Avison and Anna Chant, both of New Parade, called a meeting of residents on Friday when they became aware of the planning notice.

As a result, a number of objections have been submitted to Worthing Borough Council.

Mr Avison said: “I believe that the council has a policy in place which is to protect and preserve the open space and to my knowledge, no consideration has been shown to the neighbouring residents regarding the land’s disposal.

“Our right to public open space is to be disposed of, with scant regard to our needs.”

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, out Thursday, March 14.